Insulate your log cabin for year round use

log-cabin-insulationThis photo shows a 2 year old log cabin which we insulated to make it a perfect year round home office.

Our clients originally bought the cabin as a comfortable place for them to work from home, so made it lovely and installed two comfortable work stations.

It was fine during the winter, a bit nippy and slightly draughty, but nothing the heater couldn’t cope with.

But the summer proved too much!

Their log cabin became too hot in its exposed garden position, so they called us in and moved their computers back to the kitchen!

We insulate log cabins on the inside or as with this one the outside.

Thick insulation on the ceiling may reduce headroom too much for comfort, so on lower buildings it can be better on the roof.

Wall insulation on the outside is covered with tongue and groove timber and when treated with a stain or painted looks very attractive, and hardly any difference from the original log cabin.

And then the problem was solved!

An approximate cost is £3,000.

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