Garden Room Interiors

The interior of your garden room can be as simple, or as luxurious as you desire.

For the many  uses and needs of a garden room we have an interior  that works for each, and as with all we do, we listen to what you want, and work to meet your requirements.

Standard interiors

Our standard interior is similar to any room in your house, dry lined,  skim plastered and painted with two coats of emulsion.

Specialist interiors

But over the years we have installed specialist interiors for buildings used for saunas, steam rooms, gyms, music rooms, cinemas, play and games rooms (children and adults!), even audio insulated studios for professional musicians.

Granny annexes have shower rooms and wetroom that can be finished to your standard.

Basic interiors

We build workshops and studios, and for these you may prefer the more basic finish of floorboards and plywood walls, which in many cases is all that is needed.

Flat or pitched roof

The design of our buildings  fall into two categories which effect the ceilings and internal finish:

  • Flat roofs, so a flat level ceiling.
  • Pitched roofs, so usually (not always) a  vaulted ceiling.

As shown in the photos on the right.

Vaulted ceilings

Vaulted ceilings give an extra feeling of space with  increased ceiling height, and often more character with exposed beams and rafters – but are more expensive to build.

Light positions are important and will enhance open roof space and make features of beams.

Flat ceilings

Flat ceilings are  standard when garden rooms are restricted to a maximum height of 2.5m to meet permitted development requirements, and in most cases we fit recessed downlights. These can be positioned to suit – you may want one above a desk or to highlight a section of wall.

Floor coverings

Floor covering is mostly a wood laminate, and there are many to choose from. We use only the best quality.

But we have also installed wooden floors, carpet tiles and vinyl – like everything we do, the choice is yours.

For more information

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