Oak Framed Buildings

These are the buildings we love to build.

A lot of the work is done by hand, just as it has been done for hundreds of years, and after all the joints have been measured, cut and prepared, there is nothing better than when it all squeezes together to form a perfectly solid building.


Traditional in style and traditional in materials, Oak Framed buildings look fantastic in any garden, large or small. Garages, sheds or more opulent Garden Rooms and Studios never look better than when made of Oak.

Their timeless rustic appearance looks fantastic in countless settings.

With its hard wood and durable characteristics, Oak has been used for centuries to build long lasting timber framed buildings which are virtually maintenance free.

The building shown right is a pitched roof Garden Studio designed to our client's requirements. The roof is tiled with reclaimed clay tiles, and the windows and doors are Oak to match the listed house it accompanies.


With it's wonderfully durable qualities, we use Oak in some of our more contemporary buildings as well.

Built around soft wood frames and with 'flat' roofs they are less costly than the more traditional styles, but still retain the quality of Oak.

The building shown right was designed to meet Permitted Development criteria, so not requiring planning permission. Building Regulations were required because it had a floor area which was over 30msq.

All external cladding is Oak, and the windows and doors are black Powder Coated Aluminium.

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Oak Framed Buildings We’ve Built Previously


Hipped, slated roof and featheredge timber building

Another unusual design, specific to our clients needs. The hipped, slated roof and featheredge timber cladding matches other buildings on the property. The large low windows positioned to allow views of their pristine vineyard from the comfort of an arm chair. The flat roofed section? To house and sample the years harvest from a temperature controlled insulated wine store! www.dropmorevineyard.co.uk      

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