Garden room with integral storage

This is our most popular range of buildings, offering a high spec, highly insulated room for your studio or office with the benefit of an integral storage shed.

As with all we do, we offer a great deal of flexibility on design, size and construction, so your building can be exactly as you need it, to fit you and your garden perfectly.

In most cases the main room will be as standard, with highly insulated walls, roof and floor, and fully decorated.

The shed can be constructed to suit your needs.

Most sheds tend to be for mowers, bikes and garden tools, in which case we keep it functional with electric light and socket, but nothing too grand.

The interior can be customised to suit with shelves and cupboards, or left for you to install them after we have gone.

You will be amazed at how much storage space you will have.

Typically sheds will be 1.5m wide, as deep as the building, and 2.4m high so with shelves from top to bottom you really can stack a lot away!

We not only install shelves, but hooks and rails for hanging and suspending, so before long your brooms, spades and forks will be arranged in tidy military style!

Some customers use the store for documents or ‘overspill’ from indoors which need a well-ventilated, dry, insulated room with a thermostatically controlled heater, again something we can provide with ease.

  • Integral Store