Alternatives to timber cladding

We are one of the few specialist garden room companies that offer brick built buildings, but in the past have found the extra cost and disruption of their construction can be a disincentive.

To give you the option of an alternative to timber cladding we can now offer an easier and less expensive brick building by combining the benefits of our standard timber framed building with the aesthetic appeal of brick.

The framework is built as normal, but to the visible walls we fix an outer skin of brick, although this could also be stone or slate.

Of course, none of the integrity of the building has been lost, it is still built to the same high standards as all of our buildings.

But now we can offer an alternative, or even the combination of several to give you a multitude of options to choose from.

On the right is just one example of what can be done.

This is our first building built with a brick front elevation.

As with all of our buildings the hidden walls are clad with zero maintenance fibre cement boards.

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