The Building

From the foundations up, your building will be built to the same high standards as a modern timber framed house.

Like those, it will last literally generations. Why? Because good quality timber, protected from dampness and moisture will last for hundreds of years, as ancient churches, houses and agricultural buildings testify.

We build your Garden Building in our workshop, using our own team of carpenters.

Before it arrives at your home it will have been built, erected, and then dismantled, ensuring any glitches are ironed out before reaching you.

All materials we use, from the pressure treated structural timber, to the insurance rated locking systems on the doors and windows are of tip top quality.

The Foundations

Every good structure needs good foundation, and we don’t want problems with cracking or subsidence in years to come.

We would never recommend building on paving slabs or even adjustable metal props.

Our foundations are of thick, solid concrete, and depending on your soil type thicker and stronger if required.

We prefer to use a ‘pile’ system, which is a series of large holes filled with concrete, which then provide the support for a strong, insulated timber suspended floor.

The floor is held off the concrete piles with a rubber ‘jackpad’ which firstly prevents moisture from the soil getting absorbed by the timber, and secondly allows air to circulate the timber preventing any build up of condensation. Both essential for preventing wood rot.

This system also causes less disturbance to your garden, with less material to remove, and is therefore cheaper.

In certain circumstances, we would advise a concrete slab under the whole building, for example when maximising ceiling heights if keeping the building roof below 2.5m for planning reasons. But this is something we would discuss with you on a site visit.

Your Design

Your building will have been designed with your specific requirements incorporated.

As standard, we use Western Red Cedar for exterior cladding, but we will explain what other timber can be used, and you have the option of using the cladding of your choice.

Likewise you can choose the style, and how many doors and windows you want.

If you want less windows without losing natural light, we can fit a skylight for you.

Let us know if you want a particular office layout with views across your favourite section of garden, and we will design it for you.

We offer a truly bespoke design service.

Your Use

We have designed, built and installed Garden Buildings for every use you can think of.

Studios for musicians and artists, offices for businessmen and students, and rooms for teenagers that end up being used by their parents!

Let us know your plans and we will help you achieve them. We can advice on communication systems and, sound systems. If you want to include mains water and drains we will help with that as well.

Delivery and Installation

We normally manage to get your building to you and ready for installation within six weeks of your order being placed, and often as quickly as two weeks.

Depending on the size of your building, installation will take from two to four weeks.

All this means that you can have a new Garden Office, Studio or Room at home and ready for use very quickly!


Don’t worry if you have limited access to your garden.

All our buildings arrive as flat panels that are carried by hand, so as a general rule, if you can get a wheelbarrow into your garden, we can get our buildings there as well.

If you have no side access, we can very easily take them through your house, and have done so many times. Dustsheets on floors, of course!

The Team

There will usually be a team of two, very experienced carpenters, who start by constructing your building in our workshop before arriving at your home with it for installation.

By that stage they will be perfectly familiar with your design, and know exactly how it is to be built.

This is one of our best selling points. We never use contractors, nor do we send your design plans away to a factory to be constructed by people who have no further interest in it.

The result is that you will have a perfectly built and finished building that we are very proud of, and we are sure you will be too!!

Total Care

We take care of the whole process for you, from obtaining Planning Permission if required, to painting and decorating the interior, to any decking, paving or small landscaping projects you may require as a finishing touch.