Competitive Pricing

Like all businesses we would hate to lose you because you have found a cheaper product elsewhere.  Our motto is ‘exceeding your expectation’, and it is something we take very seriously – and enjoy doing.  As part of this commitment we use premium materials and designs in our projects as standard.

How to reduce the cost of your project

In response to feedback from our customers, we are offering a range of alternative materials, which will reduce the cost of your build whilst still giving you a high standard finish.

Of course, this means there will be compromises but we are always very happy to give you an honest and full explanation of what these are so that you can decide what is better for your situation and budget, based on honest information.

Roof structure

We offer an alternative and widely used sheet metal roofing system instead of our conventional flat roof wooden construction.

The alternative is a metal composite roofing sheet which is frequently used in many situations and may suit you very well.

composite roofing sheet

The photo shows a cross section of a composite roofing sheet.

We buy these as prefabricated units of insulated roofing sheets.

They have 100mm insulation sandwiched between two metal layers.

Both outer and inner layer is plastic covered metal, and their interlocking design ensures they are always weather proof.

They  are simply fixed to the framework of the building in panels, so all very quick and easy, saving us money that we can pass on to you.

Exterior cladding

western-red-cedarWestern red cedar is a beautifully coloured timber favoured by architects for exterior timber cladding because it is a low maintenance high quality timber that does not require any treatment or painting.
It is shown in the photograph below and is what we use as our standard exterior wall cladding.

But there are alternatives, and the following photos show a painted shiplap redwood, and a more rustic spruce weatherboard.painted-shiplap-redwood


Internal finish


There are many different options for the interior finish, and our customer’s choice usually depends on what they are having a building for.

Our standard is a painted, dry lined, skim plastered finished, the same as you will have in your home.
But again there are options which are less expensive and may suit you better.

Many companies use a melamine board as standard. This is a white, easily cleaned board which is perfect, especially if used for a children’s room, to give a light clean look to your room.
As shown below.

mdf-boardAnother possibility is MDF board, which on many occasions we have lined a building with, and again gives a great finish at cheaper cost. It can be painted or left as its natural colour.

Again, please ask us to explain the difference in more detail if you are interested in any of these options.



There are however some things we feel there is no compromise on, and foundations are one of them.

We don’t offer cheaper options, and be wary of companies that do!

Strong foundations are paramount to a trouble free, long lasting building and ours are built of solid concrete, designed to suit the soil structure in your area.

We never use metal (even galvanised) and never have wooden floor joists in direct contact with the soil.

Same high quality service – guaranteed

We may be able to reduce prices with our new options, but we will never change the quality of service to you.

So please call today on 01189 842555 for honest, no obligation advice.