Acoustically Insulated Studios

A properly sound proofed garden room has many uses and we have built them for sound recordists and musicians to record and write in, as well as budding guttarists and drum players who have yet to be appreciated indoors!
But increasingly popular is the home cinema which makes a fabulous addition to any home, but if you have invested in good speakers and surround sound systems
it’s a shame not to be able to turn the volume up without upsetting the neighbours on a quiet Sunday afternoon!

Good audio insulation is not difficult, but it must be done correctly using the correct techniques and materials, so beware of companies that offer sound proofing – many use just basic acoustic rockwool in the walls with limited success.
A properly sound proofed building is constructed as a ‘room within a room’ using specialised materials to prevent sound waves escaping.

Building design is also crutial.
Walls and roofs are relatively easy to insulate, but windows and doors are always a weak point, which often leads to a compromise.

The following floorplans are examples of buildings we have designed for customers.
The first includes a lot of glazing which was important for the client, but not easy to soundproof. By using triple glazing and non-opening windows it gave acceptable results.
The double doors and porch is the best solution for the entrance doorway.

Insulated Studios 1

The following has fewer windows and the two sets of doors and  porch which gives much better results.

Insulated Studios 2

The final floorplan is a very good design with a small window area combined with the porch, which works very well.

Insulated Studios 3

As always, please get in touch to discuss your plans.

All our buildings are taylor-made, bespoke to meet your requirements and we are very happy to offer advice free of charge.



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